Ive was born in Sofia and has been studying singing and theater since childhood. When she was a child, she participated in musical comedies for kids staged in Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, Turkey and Italy, the country that inspired her to enroll in an Italian high school, where she studied Italian language and art.

Ive’s first bigger public success came at the age of 15 in the girl band "Instinkt". The girls became very popular after live performances, appearing on the biggest national TV channels and making the music videos of their four most beloved songs.

While singing in the band Ive started also her solo career. She took part in many festivals, where she received prestigious awards and reached the first place in the classification "Hit - 1", a music show on the national TV.

In 2006, she was chosen to be the supporting act opening the concert of the Italian star Alexia in Formello, Italy.

In 2008, Ive became a part of the DVD project called "Renilin: Offside", a presentation of emerging international artists, promoted by the Italian record company Renilin. From that moment on began her collaboration with the Renilin and already in the same year Renilin produced Ive’s first single – “Ready For Love” - entirely recorded in Italy. The song was presented at the festival "The Bulgarian Song For Eurovision 2009", where the song reached the top ten chosen by the public votes and the professional jury.

In 2009, Ive graduated from The National Music Academy “Prof. Pancho Vladigerov” majoring in pop and jazz singing.

Between 2008 and 2011, she performed also in theaters, taking part in numerous musicals such as: "Chicago", "Dreamgirls," "Mamma Mia" and "Hair".

In 2011, Ive graduated in "Music Management & Production" from the "New Bulgarian University" in Sofia.

The real worldwide success for Ive came in 2012, when one of the most famous names of the Italian dance stage – DJ Molella invited her to record a common song. The single “Sunlight” was released by Restylers and recorded in the Renilin Music Label studios in Italy. It was a production of DJ Molella and GJ Phil Jay, famous with their hits: Gala “Freed From Desire”, Outhere Brothers “If You Wanna Party“ etc.

Sinlight is the first single of Ive, released in 5 worldwide compilation with the hits for the summer 2012: “50 fitness & workout tunes“, ”Dance Party 2012”, “MollyBox”, „Ночная Дискотека 11” e “Power Dаnce Mix Vol.15”.

The song reached the top of some of the most prestigious European charts and won the ““Eurodanceweb Award” 2012.

In 2015 it was released the first single if IVE in Bulgarian language - "Hey Ti" / "Hey You", it was produced by Renilin Music Label in Italy. It became one of the favorites of the Bulgarian National Radio and it has been awarded as the best song for the month of August in the chart "7 of 11" of the radio program Hristo Botev.

In 2018, IVE started a vlog channel online in YouTube, she become the first music vlogger in Bulgaria, who speaks the obstacles in the life of the artist. Describing what remains hidden from the audience, the channel is instantly spotted by the media and presented on television (Nova TV).